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The new global career reality by the numbers

By 2025, eight million students will study outside their home country

By 2020, 35% of job skills across industries will shift

Artificial intelligence will create 58 million new jobs in the next five years

Two-thirds of millennials will have a new job by 2020

Only 19% of companies still have traditional functional career models

We teach you how to build the skills that cross borders.

At GlobalMe School we offer a new kind of global career training.

Our mission is to provide upgraded career training to help people cross borders and adapt to the future of work. We're upgrading global career training for the future of work. We push our students to develop hybrid skillsets. We promote opportunities like innovative graduate programs, bootcamps abroad, and online courses. We teach professionals how to reskill and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world of work.

GlobalMe students are well-positioned for a future of influence and global leadership.

The future of work belongs to the globally mobile.

We believe the future of work belongs to the globally flexible. Those who can adapt to new technologies, cultures, perspectives, and teams will succeed in the workforce transition.

We value diversity, curiosity, accessibility, and growth-mindsets.

We believe that future-oriented career training should be accessible. We don't limit our training to elite schools or costly executive training programs.

Our programs are for the globally and intellectually curious. We encourage diverse thinking and perspective sharing during our courses and workshops.

We're upgrading outdated global career training for the future of work.



We love curious people.

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The Story of GlobalMe School

GlobalMe School was founded by Nicolle Merrill. Nicolle is relentlessly curious about people and jobs. She's never been one to settle on a single career path, Nicolle's work experience spans industries and continents. She's worked as a study abroad advisor and a private jet travel writer, sold adventure travel packages in New Zealand, managed global volunteer programs in Thailand, designed AI chatbots for a Silicon Valley startup, and taught business skills in Denmark.

In 2014, her global hustle skills landed her at Yale School of Management where she coached international MBA students, alumni and global executives through career changes. She helped students land positions at top US employers like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IDEO, as well diverse organizations from top-tier consulting firms to startups. Nicolle partnered with recruiters across the world to understand emerging trends and uncover new opportunities in technology, consulting, and design fields.

After leaving Yale School of Management, Nicolle launched GlobalMe School to train people how to build adventurous international careers in emerging industries. Nicolle teaches students and professionals how to upskill in a fast-changing workplace.

Nicolle received her BA from the University of Oregon and her MA from Aalborg University in Denmark. As a full time international student in Denmark, Nicolle learned first-hand what it takes to search for internships and jobs in a foreign country. Nicolle is working on her second book and writes regularly about the future of work and international education at

GlobalMe School works with international students, study abroad alumni, digital nomads, ambitious professionals, and emerging executives.

We work with professionals who are:




We partner with organizations that:

Create impact
Embrace new technologies
Embrace flexible work
Teach digital skills
Hire across borders
Tap the value of global perspectives

We work with bootcamps, universities, and high impact organizations.

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